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At the center of CAPERS software is its powerful Records Management System, serving as the hub of information management for entities, vehicles, properties, arrest, evidence and more. While all of CAPERS’ modules work independently, they are integrated as a full system through CAPERS RMS.

Accurate and Efficient Data Management
Because data integrity is imperative to your agency’s operations, CAPERS’ RMS is designed to obtain information precisely and efficiently. User enhancements include centralized records management, removing the risk of duplicate data entry by ensuring users only enter information once, expanded search capabilities to match partial data quickly and auto correct fields; all to secure your department’s data integrity.
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CAPERS - Records Management System

As CAPERS’ centralized data hub, CAPERS RMS allows your agency to not only record and organize large amounts of information, but to easily access and create customized reports based on your agency’s needs. Direct integration with CAPERS CAD further enables data accuracy and immediate sharing ability. CAPERS RMS also integrates with departments that utilize central dispatching agencies.

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"We have been very pleased with the responsiveness from all of the CAPERS staff, which was a pleasant surprise due to our negative experience with other software vendors. I look forward to a long relationship with CAPERS."

-G. Ellis Belton, TX

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