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Designed with officer field safety as its top priority, CAPERS Mobile provides officers with a simplified interface to access critical data quickly and easily. With its Real-Time Reporting, use of CAPERS Mobile assists in deterring crime by allowing officers to stay in the field; highly visible and ready for service.

Standard features include detailed call information, flexible messaging options and customization of individual user preferences.

Access to previous incident reports and entity history help ensure officers have the information needed to make informed decisions in the field.

For more information about CAPERS MOBILE CAD and RMS, please download a sales sheet, or contact us to schedule a demo.

Mobile Criminal History Screen
MOBILE - Criminal History Screen

"The CAPERS Systems are very intuitive and user friendly, both on the desktops and on the MDTs [Mobile Data Terminals] in our squads."

-M. Bitton Winthrop Harbor, IL

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