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CAPERS Mapping with AVL

CAPERS’ Mapping with Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) systems is designed to improve officer safety, while providing supervisors the information needed to assess accountability.

As with all of CAPERS’ products, this module simplifies the process of locating information quickly and easily. Visually impactful icons have been selected and labeled to allow users to immediately identify officers’ locations, on-going alerts, fires and other emergencies. Dispatchers can promptly see the location of each squad, aiding in efficient call assignment; and Supervisors can access and print reports for an entire time period, increasing efficiency on each shift.
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CAD - Mapping Screen

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"[CAPERS] is simply a quality suite of programs that is not only affordable but useful. It does what we need it to do, and on the people side of things, we couldn’t be happier with the service and support."

-M. Bitton Winthrop Harbor, IL

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