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CAPERS Jail Management System is seamlessly integrated with all of CAPERS software, such as CAPERS RMS, ensuring that information is valid, updated and shared among officers and booking agents.

As with all of CAPERS software, CAPERS JAIL can be customized to follow your department’s process. Standard features include: Prisoner property arrest integration, rival gang warnings and the ability to create a defined schedule for required events: Medical/RX tracking, visitation tracking, work release and more. CAPERS JAIL offers Bar Code scanning for Automated Scan Checks, simplifying the process while providing staff a precise audit trail of cell checks efficiently.
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For more information about CAPERS JAIL’s full functionality, please download our sales sheet, or contact us for more information.

"Initially, my co-workers weren’t excited about ‘the change’ [to CAPERS]. Now, I have actually overheard my guys praising many of CAPERS’ capabilities… I knew once they understood it, they would love it. Kudos to the CAPERS team."

-L. Wleklinski Brookfield, IL

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