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Built to provide all critical information quickly to first responders, this all-in-one module provides all of the functionality available at one, cost-effective price. With direct integration with CAPERS CAD and CAPERS MOBILE, your department will immediately receive all information from dispatch.

Features include full customization, NFIRS reporting, arson investigations, basic incident reporting, hydrant tracking, training courses and more.

With CAPERS Fire’s Occupancy Module, users can attach digital files for blueprints, points of entry, points of exit, and panel location.

For more information about CAPERS FIRE’s full functionality, please download a sales sheet, or contact us for more information.

Fire Investigation Module
FIRE - Arson/Investigation Module

"We have been very pleased with the responsiveness from all of the CAPERS’ staff. I want to commend you and your team on a job well done."

-G. Ellis Belton, TX

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