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Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)

In areas hardest hit by known or “planned” emergencies, such as hurricanes, CAPERS has developed Business Continuity as a Service or BCaaS.

In this situation, a Department switches its public safety software suite from operating at its current location to a secure, remote location; enabling it to continue running as if it were still onsite. In the midst of an emergency, when critical services are needed most and communication is vital, the Department will be able to continue dispatch, mobile, messaging and records management.

Read more about the importance of Business Continuity featuring CAPERS in a recent edition of Illinois Cops Magazine.

business continuity article
Read our article in IL Cops Magazine

What about Unplanned Emergencies?
Because not all emergencies can be planned for, CAPERS offers highly redundant infrastructure deployments, customized to your agency’s setup and designed to keep your agency up and running. Learn More

"We just went live yesterday on our new CAD/RMS system that we are very pleased with; [CAPERS] has designed the systems around our needs and desires."

G.Witt Sebastian, FL

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