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Improve productivity with a system designed to work for your agency. Both flexible and feature-driven, CAPERS CAD streamlines critical data to help drive rapid response with informed efficiency.

Departments have the ability to set custom colors, order grids, customize function keys and create custom Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on special or particular situations.

Real time display of service calls and each unit's location provides better assistance in call assignment with proximity of available units in call area.

CAPERS CAD Call Screen
CAD - Call Screen

And with CAPERS' extensive reporting, you can generate reports based on CAPERS Call entry, as well as view historical CAD and Incident Reports for previous calls for service.

"We just went live yesterday on our new CAD/RMS system that we are very pleased with; [CAPERS] has designed the systems around our needs and desires."

-G.Witt Sebastian, FL

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